Monday, 8 January 2018

What To Expect From Heathers World In 2018

Hey Everyone, 

I thought I would do a little upload post for you all explaining what you can expect from Heathers World in 2018. I am determined to make 2018 the year that Heathers World takes it up a notch and I have some exciting content planned. 


To start with January will be the month where I look back on 2017 and post my beauty favourites from 2017 along with my beauty buying process for 2018. You can also expect to see a post celebrating my third year blogging on the 15 january!

February & March

Then as we move ahead with the year I will be hoping to upload a range of content from lifestyle to travel to beauty and the odd university related post.

April & May& June
As soon as April and May hit you can expect to see a lot of university content. I am aiming to upload a post talking about my way of revising. To go with that I may do a series where I upload once a week talking about how I am getting on with my revision. Once we get into the middle of may there may be a lapse on posts due to exams but I am trying to avoid that as much as possible.

Then we get into june and the end of the month is results day. Once results day is their and depending on if I pass I will upload a post talking about my results and how I found my exams.  Then either a few days later or a week later you can expect to see my second year review.

July &August 

This is where you can expect to see most of my summer content and potentially a few travel posts. I am again aiming to do a summer series which will include summer fashion favourites, beauty favourites amongst other things.

September &October 

This is where my fall content will start and I will be doing my fall favourites, fall lookbooks and lots of fun content that I need to plan. Also baring things go well in the summer and I progress into third year, you can see a third year university first week review, my feelings regarding third year and a few other uni related content. This will also features my birthday content so a birthday ootd, birthday haul, 22 things I want to do while 22 and 21 memories of being 21 to name a few.

November & December 

A bit like earlier on in the year November has no set content planned for now but I am sure their will be some fun and exciting posts for that month. I will no doubt update you all on twitter about that months content nearer the time so keep an eye out for that. Then december will be my fourth attempt at blogmas and hopefully be the year I succeed in doing so. This will also feature new year related content as well.

So their you have it the year broken down in content. I hope you join me on this exciting journey and helping to progress heathers world into the best blog it can be. I am always around on Twitter so make sure you follow me on their to keep up with any latest updates on what is coming up on the blog.


Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year - Goals & Aspirations 2018

Credit to Pinterest for this photo
Hey everyone, 

Happy New Year, I am currently writing this on the last evening of 2017 as you are reading this on the first day of 2018. With that being said I thought I would post my 2018 goals and aspirations for the year ahead.These goals are a mix of blogging and personal goals, so lets jump straight into the post.

Now starting with my blog, if you follow on a regular basis then you know I took a bit of a break/ un planned absence this year. Since starting university and going to new york time has slipped away from me and I haven't hit my blog goals that I set for this year, so heres my 2018 ones. 

Go back to posting regularly once a week

This is my biggest blogging goal as I love writing and posting, and I am going to aim for posting once a week again starting with the 7th January which will be my beauty favourites for 2017. 

Interact more with other bloggers 

This again is something I am going to try and push myself to do. I feel quite distant from the whole blogging community which is probably my fault as I don't tweet as often. I am going to push myself to speak to other bloggers on twitter and put self out there. 

Post regularly on my blog Instagram

Again something I need to work on as I go through spurts where I post loads and then don't post at all. I have tried to keep with a theme for my Instagram but have decided to scrap it and just post photos I love. 

Get to 1k on Twitter

Now I know numbers aren't everything but I would love to reach 1k on Twitter. I have been stuck on around 600 for a while now, and with my blogs three year anniversary in January I would love to hit my target this year. 

Now onto my personal goals for the year. These are ones that I have thought long and hard about and really want to succeed in doing. 

Save a set amount each month 

Not going to lie I am not the best at saving money but my big goal this year is to set an amount and save it every month. Now I know some months this won't be realistic for example August as it's my mum's birthday or December, but every other month I am going to to give myself a set amount to save that month. This way if I want to book a holiday or use it for driving lessons I have the money their. 

Get fit and healthy

Another big goal I am determined to stick to is to get fit and healthy, I am going to hold my hands up and say that I don't eat the healthiest but this is about to change in 2018. I am going to be cutting out the fast food and chippys out and have them once a week if that. I am also contemplating rejoining the gym or if not working out at home. I want my body something I can be proud of but I need to put the hard work in. 

Pass my second year of university

Again another big goal for me is to pass my second year of university in June and to improve on my results that I got last year. I am working really hard at the moment on my assignments and putting more time and effort into understanding my course and assignments in order to get the best grade possible. I am sure if you follow me on twitter you will see me rant about uni quite a bit over the next few months as assignments come thick and fast. 

Spend more quality time with my family

Last year was quite busy with university and work and this meant family time was the one thing that took a backseat. This is something I really want to change this year, last year I almost lost both of my grandparents as well as having my auntie in hospital as well as dealing with my mums health deteriorating. This has made me more determined to spend quality time with the family and to put them first whenever I get free time, cause if last year taught me anything family time is of the essence and can be ripped away so fast. 

Get myself a new Job 

This is the one that out of them all that may or may not happen. I have been in my current retail job 2 and half years now and I feel like a change. It's not the most flexible job and with the hours I work I currently do a 14 hour day on a Thursday with uni and then work straight after. Ideally I am looking for a job with some flexibility so that I can cut my hours down in order to focus on university. This is the one that is up in the air as we all know how hard it is to get a new job so if not ill stick with my current one but if I can then great.

So there you have it my 2018 goals and aspirations. I hope you all have the most wonderful start to 2018 and that this year is a memorable one for you all. I am so excited to see what 2018 has in store for me and I can't wait to share my journey with you all on the blog.

Thank you so much for reading, 
Until next time, 
Heathers World xoxo. 


Sunday, 31 December 2017

My 2017 Highlights

Hey Everyone, 

Long time no see, I promise I will get back to blogging very soon. Todays post is going to be about my 2017 highlights. This year has been a very up and down year but has had some spectacular moments and highlights so I thought I would share them with you all starting from the first to my last highlight of the year.

Finishing My First Year Of University! - May/June 

This for me was such a highlight as if you have been a long time reader of the blog, then you will know I dropped out of a previous university the year before. For me getting through a full year of university without dropping out was a highlight especially considering how anxious I was about going back in the first place. 

Holiday To Tenerife! - June 

This came at the perfect time, I went on holiday to Tenerife three days after finishing my first year exams and it was the perfect way to relax. I spent the whole week chilling out after what was a stressful year and it helped to take my mind of my up and coming results. I actually wrote a whole post about my trip so if you want to see what I got up to then you can check it out here!

Passing My First Year Of University! - June

The end of june helped to top off my fabulous month as I found out I passed my first year of university and got a 2:1 in Business Management and a 2:2 in Marketing. I was honestly gobsmacked that I even passed so to get such good grades was the icing on the cake.

Mum's Special Birthday Weekend! - August 

I had two special big birthdays to celebrate this year mine and my mum's and her birthday weekend was so special. We spent the day going out for drinks and food and we just made sure that she had the most amazing weekend ever as she deserved it. 

My 21st Birthday In New York! - October

This was hands down my biggest highlight by far this year. Ever since I was 11 I said I wanted to spend my 21st in new york and my dreams came true in October. This trip was everything I dreamed of and more and made me fall in love with the city that never sleeps. I did everything I wanted, I shopped till I dropped and celebrated like no other!

Christmas! - December 

This was the best way to end my amazing year. I got to spend quality time with my loved ones, eat good food and realise how lucky we are to spend this time together. It was a typical family christmas in where we had a laugh, made loads of memories and overall was a wonderful time of the year. 

So their you have it my 2017 highlights. I hoped you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what has been your 2017 highlights? 

Thanks For Reading,
See You Next Time,
Heathers World 


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Six - My Christmas Tag

Ho Ho Ho, 

Welcome to Blogmas Day Six,  Today's post is going to be a tag one and it's my Christmas tag. Now I did do this post last year and the answers are pretty much the same but it's always nice to do a 2017 version so here it is!
Also if you want to do the tag then feel free to do so and leave me a comment below with a link so I can check it out!

Question 1- Real Tree or Fake Tree? 

For me it is a fake tree always, I love the look and smell of a real tree but it's just so hard to maintain. So yeah a fake tree any day of the week for me. 

Question 2 - Favourite Festive Food? 

Pigs in blankets by a mile. Is their anything better than pigs in blankets at christmas time. To be fair close second would be Baileys Ice cream which is also a food that is only out at christmas time. But the overall winner is Pigs in Blankets. 

Question 3 - Favourite Christmas Memory 

Not sure that I have one specific Christmas Memory that is my favourite as I their are many memories that I love. Also stay tuned for day 11 when I tell you my top five favourite memories. So to answer that I haven't got one specific memory that is my favourite. 

Question 4 - Christmas Day Outfit - Dress Up Or PJ's 

I always dress up, we go to my Nan's every year so staying in my pjs isn't feasible. But yeah I love dressing up at christmas and planning my outfit. Also in Blogmas Day 18 I will be showing you my outfit in full. 

Question 5 -  Christmas Away Or At Home?

For me It's always home, theres something so magical about spending it with family. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't say no to a christmas in New York or somewhere cold, but am not a fan of hot christmases.

Question 6 - When Do You Open Your Christmas Present's

This may seem a weird one to ask but I have friends who have opened their presents as soon at it strikes 12 and its christmas day. For me we always open ours of a morning once everyone is awake.

Question 7 - What Tops Your Tree?

This year we have a star topping our main tree in the living room and an angle topping the one in our dining room. Being honest though were not fussed with what tops our tree, it's just whatever we fancy that year.

Question 8 - Favourite Christmas Movie?

This may come as no surprise to some of you if follow me on social media, but my favourite christmas movie is The Polar Express. It's been my favourite ever since I watched it as a little girl. The story line is amazing and is what brings the magic. It's also a tradition in our house to watch it on christmas eve and it helps get us in the mood.

Question 9 -  Favourtie Present You Have Ever Received?

Baby Annabelle by far, I was obsessed with dolls and playing house when I was younger, so when santa got me this present it made my christmas

Question 10- Any christmas Eve Traditions?

I do have quite a few now I am not going to say what they are as I do have a post going live on the   talking all about them

Q11 - Finally What Are You Looking Forward To The Most This Christmas?

Spending quality time with the family. Christmas is the one of the few times we get the family together, and with my grandparents getting older I cherish every christmas I get with them.

So their you have my christmas tag, I hoped you enjoyed this post. if you do this tag leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Five - My Top Christmas Markets

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to Blogmas Day five, todays post is going to be all about christmas markets and what I think are the top christmas markets for 2017. 
So if your looking for a last minute market getaway keep on reading. 

Brussels - Belgium 

This is the christmas Market that I visited last year and it is defiantly not one to miss. They have an amazing christmas market that is spread out all over the town centre, which sell a range of things from food to decorations and other little bits and bobs.
They also have an amazing light display that happens every night in the town centre where the large christmas tree is.
Finally if you to go to Brussels you get to experience Belgium chocolate and theres no better chocolate than theirs. That trip is what got me into the christmas spirit last year and I can Imagine it would be the same for you to.

London - England 

London is a beautiful city and is even more so at Christmas time. London has christmas markets dotted around the city from the one on Southbank, Leicester square and covent garden to name a few. There is also Christmas markets in London's spectacular Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  I normally try and take a trip up to London at Christmas time but unfortunately this year my schedule doesn't allow for it but I will defiantly going back next year. So if you want to go to a great Christmas market without spending a lot of money this one is your best bet.

Prague - Czech Republic

The best way I can describe Prague is a fairy tail city so you can imagine how amazing it would be at christmas time. Prague's christmas markets take place in Old Town square and Wenceslas Square. With all the Lights, little huts and good food and music it is a great little place to visit. One to defiantly put on your list

Munich -  Germany

Is their anything better than a german market. Munich has always been a place I want to visit and for good reason. Their christmas market looks stunning to start with, add that to all of the wonderful food and drinks that are on offer how could you refuse.

Paris - France 

First of Paris is magical at any time of the year but make it more festive and it's a bloggers paradise. With so many amazing photo opportunities and the chance to soak up a parisian christmas who could say no. Now unfortunately the Champs -elysees market won't be their this year but their is still other christmas markets dotted around the city.


Monday, 4 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Four - What Christmas Means To Me

Ho Ho Ho, 

Todays post is going to be about what Christmas means to me and what I love about Christmas Time. Now this is going to be a more personal post so if your not into them then feel free to click away.

Christmas is hands down my favourite time of the year by far. I do feel like sometimes we can all get swept up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas (Me Included) that we sometimes forget the real meaning of Christmas, and what it means to us.

Now I don't want to come of sounding preachy and saying you should all have the same view as me, cause this is not what this post is about at all. Everyone is different and will have their own opinion on what Christmas means to them and that is totally fine. this is just my view.

For me personally Christmas is all about getting the family together, eating good food, having a few drinks while making memories and reminiscing on memories gone by. For me as long as my family are all together on Chrsitmas day then I don't care what else happens.

Don't get me wrong I do like receiving gifts now and again as am sure most of you do but for me I much prefer spending time with the family, doing a range of activities and making memories to last a lifetime.

As a family we don't get together a lot as we are so busy with our individual things so coming together for christmas makes it oh so much more special. We all put aside everything else and just focus on the family.

So What Do I Love About Christmas Time?

I adore everything about Christmas. I love how it makes everyone upbeat and positive. I love how magical the month of December feels. I love watching all of my favourite Christmas Movies and discovering some new ones. I love belting out my favourite Christmas songs with my friends and Family. I love going to the Christmas Markets and feeling even more in the mood for Christmas. I find So Much Pleasure in picking out the perfect gifts for my loved ones.

So if you haven't guessed by now I love every ounce of Christmas and the holiday season. I would love to know what Christmas means to you and what you love about this time of the month. Leave me a comment below with your answers.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I will see you all again tomorrow for Blogmas Day five.

Have A Wonderful Winter Day,
Until Tomorrow,
Heathers World. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Three - My Christmas Playlist

Ho Ho Ho, 

Welcome everyone to blogmas day Three. Todays post is going to be about what it on my Christmas playlist. Now as soon as bonfire night is over I am all about listening to those Christmas Songs. Each year I like to create a playlist on spotify which I listen to leading up to the big day. 

I won't be telling you all about every single song that is on my playlist for two reasons. One we will be here for days and number two is that I am planning on doing a post on my top five
christmas songs, so they are missing from here as well. 

Now if you do want to listen to the full playlist feel free to do so here. Lets not ramble on any longer and get into the post. 

Santa Tell Me -  Ariana Grande 

I absolutely love this song and it is one of the more recent additions to my playlist. It is a more upbeat christmas song which is perfect for party's. It is one of the better pop christmas songs out there and an essential on any Christmas Party playlist. 

Matt Terry - When Christmas Comes Around 

This one is a the newest edition to my playlist. I am not the biggest fan of Matt Terry but this song is great, defiantly not my favourite or an essential but a good song nonetheless. 

Leona Lewis - One More Sleep 

Another Christmas Song I love cause of how upbeat it is. I love a good christmas song you can have a  dance to and this is defiantly one of them.

When Christmas Comes To Town - The Polar Express Movie

I adore this film and it will feature quite a bit in these blogmas posts so it's no surprise this song is on my playlist. My favourite song from one of my favourite scenes in the film, you can't help but love this song. The kids singing and the song as a whole is just beautiful.

So I hoped you all enjoyed a little insight into my Christmas playlist this year. If you do want to check out the full playlist you can do here. I would love to know what's on your playlist so let me know in the comment's below.

Have A Wonderful Winters Day,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Two - Beauty Lovers Gift Guide

Ho Ho Ho, 

Welcome back to Blogmas day two. Todays post is going to be my beauty lovers gift guide, so if you have any beauty lovers that you haven't bought for hopefully this will give you some inspiration. 

This will be split into two categories £25-£50 and £50 and over. I have also got a stocking fillers gift guide coming soon which will feature the cheaper ( and I put that mildly) beauty gift sets so look out for that. 


Mac Snowball Face Set - Whisper Of Gilt - £35
If your looking to spend a bit more money then this present is the perfect gift. The packaging is stunning and the highlighter itself is beautiful. It comes with a face brush and a matching sequinned pouch in the beautiful rose gold shade. It screams luxury and has the quality to match. Unfortunately I Couldn't find an image that would allow me to upload so if you want to see what it looks like, look out for an image on my Instagram very soon.

Jouer Best of Nudes Lip Creme Collection £30

This is a gorgeous set of lip cremes and a great way to try out some of the brands cult products. I have never tried Jouer Cosmetics before but this would be something I would love to receive if I was trying out the brand for the first time. This features 8 mini's of their nude lip creams. Now it is currently out of stock on Cult Beauty but if I was you I would get yourself added to the waiting list as this is great gift for any beauty lover.

Becca Apres Ski Face Glow Palette £45

Can we first of talk about how stunning the packaging is for this product. I own the matching eye palette and it is just as stunning. Talking about the face palette it is stunning and would be the perfect gift. It features a bronzer, two blushers and three stunning highlighters. Defiantly one to get the Becca lovers or anyone who loves a good glow, I know it's going on my wish list.

£50 And Over

Hourglass ambient lightening Edit Volume 3 Palette - £60

I picked this up in Sephora while I was in New York and it is so beautiful. I think any beauty lover would love to receive this with the rose gold packaging and the shades are absolutely gorgeous.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette  - £60

This is one of the best palette's I have ever used and my oh my Charlotte Tilbury knocked it out of the park with this one. The palette is split up into four looks, day eye, desk eye, day eye and disco eye. The shades are beautiful and blend so effortlessly. It is so easy to create a smokey eye so great for novices but also anyone who loves makeup would love to receive this.

Becca Limited Edition Shimmering Skin Perfecter Vault £175 

Now this product is definitely a luxury product but if you have a Becca Skin perfecter fanatic in your life then this will defiantly will blow them away. This set includes six full size skin perfecters in a range of shades from rose quartz to moonstone. Obviously with the price tag of £175 it's not going to fit everyones budget but if your looking to splash out a bit more on a luxury gift for a loved one this is a good place to start.

So their you have it my beauty lovers gift guide. I haven't included a wide range of products as I wanted to carefully select the ones that I think are worth the money and would like to receive themselves. I have got a stocking fillers gift guide coming soon that will feature some beauty and lifestyle gifts so look out for that one as well.

Cause were walking in a Winter Wonderland


Friday, 1 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day one- Welcome To Blogmas 2017

Hey Everyone, 

Before I get started with the post I can't believe we are actually in December this year has flew by so fast. So as we are in December that can only mean one thing it's blogmas time. 
Welcome To Blogmas Heathers World Style. 

So this post will just be talking about what you all can expect to see on the blog, upload time and a lot more so let's jump straight in. 

First of you may of noticed that I have kept the title of blogmas the same as it was last year, and thats because any time I attempt blogmas I want the content to all be in the same place on my blog. 
Now this is third time lucky for me but I think this year may be the year I get it done!

What can you expect to see?

Blogmas 2017 will cover a wide range of topics from across all categories of blogging. Theres going to be some personal posts, lifestyle posts, fashion posts, travel and a whole lot more. 

Because it's christmas I am even going to give you a sneak peak of some of the content so look out for these following posts; The perfect Snuggle night in on day 6, Christmas Baking on day 16 and my christmas eve routine coming to you all on day 24. 

There's also going to be a lot more exciting content coming your way so keep your eyes pealed for some more festive fun!

What time will uploads Be 

Uploads will be at 7am Monday to Sunday. I was debating if I should upload so early but to do my work and university schedule this is the only consistent time throughout the week when I can upload. So at 7am every day you can expect a new blogmas post live on this blog. Their may be the odd time where it won't be uploaded at 7 on the dot but I will try my best to stick with that time.

So theres not much more to tell you apart from I hope you have a wonderful december, and build up to christmas. I always love the build up more as everyone is so festive and happy. I hope you will all join me and please do comment below if you are doing blogmas or any festive posts so I can can check them out. 

Have a wonderful Day and I will be back again tomorrow with another Festive post. 

Cause Were Walking In A Winter Wonderland 


Monday, 2 October 2017

What's In My Makeup Bag - New York Edition

Hey Everyone, 

I am back with another Post and todays post is a whats in my makeup bag New York edition. I have tried to pack light for makeup as I know I will be buying makeup when I am their but for some reason it still seems like I still have a lot. I may have to cut this down as we get nearer to the time. 


I have only packed one of each item apart from foundation as I have both a night time and a daytime

Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer - A great moisturising primer. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation - I love this foundation on me even though it oxidises slightly it's still a great foundation for the evenings which is what I will primarily use it for. 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - I am not planning on wearing a lot of makeup daytime if any, but if I do this will be my base of choice. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer - A great concealer which I can wear on it's own or with my foundations to give more coverage. 

Laura Mercier translucent powder - Only thing I use to set my makeup with, a dream product. 

Charlotte Tilbury Blusher in Love Glow - A great blusher that can be worn day and night. 

Mac Soft & Gental Highlighter - I can use daytime to give me a subtle glow or pack it on in the night to give an intense glow. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - Sets it all in place and helps it last all night long. 


I haven't took a lot for eyes as I know my mum has got me the Charlotte Tilbury ultimate eye palette, which I will be getting while in new york as a birthday present.

Mac Fling Eyebrow Pencil - My eyebrow pencil of choice

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Current favourite mascara gives beautiful lashes.

Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl Eyeshadow Palette - Gorgeous palette but I am only taking it as a backup until I get my one of my mum.

Mac Naked Lunch eyeshadow - For the days when I just want something easy to put on my eyes.

Marc Jacobs Eyeliner - Don't normally wear eyeliner so I thought I would try this one out. 

So I should probably cut this down considering my mum has got me some lip products as birthday
presents which she is taking with her.

Mac Soar Lip Pencil - My current favourite lip pencil

Mac Viva Glam Nicki 2- My current favourite lipstick a bit of a darker nude.

Chanel Coco Gloss - Gorgeous luxury gloss cant get enough of it.

Mac Prancin Dancin Dazzleglass - Gorgeous sparkly gloss to give my lips that bit of sparkle.

 Chanel Rouge Coco shine lipstick in Boy - I just can't seem to not take this. Gorgeous shade and finish perfect for day and night.

Tom Ford lipstick in      -  This is my more nude pinky lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury pillow Talk lip liner - Go to nude lip liner, best one out there.

So that's what I am taking in my makeup bag. Considering I said I wasn't taking a lot it actually seems like I have packed quite a bit. Knowing me I won't end up wearing half of what I take anyway. I hoped you enjoyed this post please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

What's in your travel Makeup bag?

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World